watches Cartier or Rolex replica, which one is higher?

Cartier or Rolex, which one is higher? A reader friend asked such a question recently. However, we have to look at this issue from two perspectives. First, according to the currently popular brand classification standards, Cartier belongs to the so-called top luxury brand, while Rolex belongs to the so-called classic luxury brand. In other words, Cartier is one grade higher than Rolex. This is mainly because Rolex does not have super complicated watches (such as minute repeaters, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, etc.). For Rolex, the more complex watches are basically the timing function and dual time zone function.

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Second, in terms of the price of entry-level watches, Rolex is actually higher than Cartier. For example, in US dollars, Cartiers entry-level watches are almost between 4000-5000 usd, while Rolexs entry-level watches are between 6000-8000 usd, and even some popular models are said to have to increase the price to get the watch. (In this case, you can buy super clone rolex.) This is mainly because Rolex watches are basically self-calibrated watches, and they are almost all mechanical watches. But Cartier is not the case. Cartier has both watches equipped with universal mechanical movements and quartz watches.
Moreover, there is another point that can be used as a reference. From the perspective of the brand's focus on the watch industry, Rolex is obviously more dominant, and Cartier is also famous for its jewelry and other products in addition to watches.

However, people who like Cartier certainly have many reasons to like Cartier. One of the important ones is that it has a strong romantic atmosphere, so it is loved by many young people, especially many girls. For example, Cartier blue balloons have always been popular with many ladies and friends. Favor. In contrast, Rolex has more "local tyrants", especially the watches represented by Dajin Lao. Some young people report that they feel that they are not easy to hold. It can also be said that the two brands are slightly different in terms of brand temperament.

And Rolex's position in the field of watches is believed to be obvious to many people. For example, Rolex's value preservation and liquidity have always performed well. Some people even say that in some places where pawns are realised in Hong Kong and Macau, only Rolex watches can be realised. It may be an exaggeration to say that, but we might as well go to some pawn shops to see which watches are more concerned, ship more and faster.
However, because of the high degree of concern Cartier is also very high, its performance in the second-hand market now has a rising momentum.
So, which one is better? Actually, I can't say that.
Take myself as an example. In contrast, I prefer Rolex, but my wife prefers Cartier.
Therefore, these are two distinctive brands. They have their own reasons for liking them, and their own reasons for not liking them.

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